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A B O U T   M Y   W O R K

one could say that the core questions that emerge in my work are the following:

1.2: what have you experienced in the past?

1.2: how do these experiences shape you today?

2.1: where are you now?

2.2: how are you doing? 

2.3: what routines + habits do you have?

3.1: where do you want to go?

3.2: based on the work we do together, how does this path change over time?

a more simple way to describe my work could be:

i create spaces where the whole of your body gets to experience itself in ways that might be more difficult to access in other settings. 



A  B O U T   M E ​

my work is shaped by my personal practices + professional studies in fine art, yoga, sexological bodywork, somatic experiencing (SE) and embodied social justice

my work is shaped by my lived experience as

a 'gay man' (then) in london, new york, berlin

and rural queer collectives,

a nonbinary transwoman (now),

a neurodivergent -yet otherwise pre-disabled- person

a person who carries histories of abuse,

an uprooted iranian and a rerooting german

and my work shaped by movements that work towards liberation, communities i move with, and any person whose act of becoming visible allowed me to be myself, in return.​




W H O   I   W O R K   W I T H

i work in the realm of coaching. i am not a therapist.

this means i am here to help people improve their lives, rather than heal them.


i expect my clients to be on time and be ready to work.

in return you can trust that whenever i am present, i will be there 


if you cancel within 24h before the session, i will charge 50% of the initial session fee.

F U T U R E   P L A N S​

1/ i would like to learn how to combine SE with psychedelic therapy, if legalised.

2/ i would like to expand my knowledge around how to combine SE with group work. part of this ongoing research can already be found in the group work i am offering.

3/ i would like to integrate SE in my art practice as a writer and performer. 

4/ i would like to see the international student body being held by more queer+trans practitioners, disabled practitioners and practitioners of colour. i believe the current institution's understanding of trauma is great for some, but still restricts the healing practices of everybody involved as long a thorough analysis of systemic oppression is integrated into what we study and how we do it. 

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