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to be sexually liberated 

there has to be a proper map of all oppression first

- a building site*


things i want to learn/do


i am not working with breath much yet,

with myself or with clients


i want to dedicate regular time to experimenting witch scripts for workshops or experimental ways of working with sexological bodywork

transformative justice

i recently read we do this till we free us by Mariame Kaba. i haven't done any research yet, but i would like to research more, find out where i could do a training. the same goes for organising, community building and facilitating.

generative somatics

i finally had a look at the politics of trauma by Staci Haines. there is so much in there that i have been missing in my practice until now: community, precise orientation towards liberation, etc

stress management

i came across Nkem Ndefo's resilience toolkit. maybe it would give me tools to hold clients better...

and of course more anti-racism work + more engagement with berlin + germany. it feels like i know more about voices in the u.s. and i have no idea what is going on here....

research: talking to clients/non-clients and practitioners
who are the people i want to talk to?

what workshops can i put together as a form of research?


thoughts about the frame of my work

what are ways of working together beyond the 1on1?

what could be more collective frameworks, including - and going beyond -workshops?

where does my work sit in relation to my art practice?i am thinking sound, video, or even exhibitions.

what if i treated all work i am engaged with like an art residency?

who do i work with? people i am already in community with, and anyone who is living or working in a frame of social justice.

where does money come from, other than the 1on1 client and the sliding scale? where are institutions? what other forms could be born?

this is also about moving away from the 'conventional sexbod setup', which is still too dominated by white/cis/straight people who cater to people that can afford to take one on one sessions.

one way in which this can happen is to center practitioners like kai cheng thom in sexbod trainings globally, so students have the option of building their own liberation practices right from the beginning of their training.


expanding the content of my practice

deconstruction current sexuality + re-membering oneself + exploring pleasure

  • how is social justice integrated in my work? at least a social positioning should be included. if i want to support clients in feeling more/being in touch with their bodies, working with what is outside of the body could also be a great resource for remembering.

  • this includes an investigation and writing new sexbod modalities about gender identity (alok) and sexual orientation.

  • deconstructing gay identity: the closet, cruising, dating, community and

  • how much (racist, transphobic, etc) desire is constructed based on the power structures we are swimming in (this is something that can be included in the existing sexbod CET investigation)

  • self pleasure and western individualism... what are collective (self) pleasure practices that already exist? which ones can be built? could community building in itself be an act of self/collective erotic pleasure? holding space for others.

  • becoming visible in public as pleasure practice: building of a body (boychild) and the voice (arca) first.  materialising through being witnessed, dressing up, protesting, screaming at people in public who give me shit (confront oppressive bullshit as a direct liberatory route.)

  • what if my sexual orientation is not gay, or straight, etc etc, but the collective liberation from all oppressive systems?



  • when i work with clients, how can i give them the options that i would have liked to have myself, as a client?

  • for the last months i was on holiday, away from all my usual sex patterns: no focus on genitals, physical sexual touch and usual desire patterns. the above is what i came up with. please let me know what you think

  • i acknowledge that i am a young practitioner. i am grateful for all the work that has been built before me. my research seeks expansion and building on what exists already.

(last edited 19/09/2021)

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