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hatha yoga

hatha yoga is one of the older yoga practices. it was designed to strengthen the body so one could sit and meditate for long amounts of time.

it also brings the mind into the body: we hold poses for minutes (if comfortable), the body relaxes into the pose, the mind is concentrating. this also results in feeling more energised after the practice.

flexibility will increase, too, if practiced regularly.

anybody can practice because we only do what feels comfortable, working at 70% of our abilities.  we check in with our bodies in each moment - what might have been easy yesterday might be more difficult today + vice versa. 

i completed my yoga teacher training in india, at a school called yogapoint.  we were trained to teach yoga as a lifestyle, going far beyond the physical workout on the matt, including nutrition, philosophy, chanting, etc etc.

i am also interested in teaching yoga in a way that gives people the tools to be able to practice independently. whether it is online or in person, i would aim at reducing our one-on-one sessions gradually. in the end we will schedule sessions for questions you might have, or if you want to be witnessed and corrected doing your practice. 

this will be a journey where you are invited to befriend your body. with discipline and persistence it is very possible to turn this practice from a daily task into something you really are looking forward to + do not want to miss :)

get in touch if you are curious about setting up a session structure with me.

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