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if you want to save resources


in general, there is no need to prepare anything

before you come see me. but honestly:

our work together can be more effective

if you have other ongoing support structures in place.

plus it saves you money too!

knowingly or unknowingly, i am absolutely certain

that you have a lot of these structures in places already.

i want to offer a few more practices in the following anyway:  

tracking wellbeing

>mood trackers 

>mapping emotions


>talk therapy

>tracking substances

grounding practices 

> yoga nidra 

> meditation

> 'how to...'-series 

> rev. angels half day sit

physical body building practices

>thai chi



>going for walks


social engagement

>listening pairs

>reading the rooms

>united self 

>digital/information diet 


>blood family


>people i want to uplift

sexual/sensual/intimate practices




>consent workshops

>sex workers, sexological bodyworkers

resources for other healing practitioners

>generative somatics 

>kerri kelly 

and finally, 

i invite you to just notice what your bodies impulses are:

if you feel like screaming or punching, 

see how you can create space for your body to follow those impulses :) 


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