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S O M A T I C   C O A C H I N G  

in a somatic coaching session we work towards goals you may have. identifying + readjusting these goals over time can be part of the sessions.

here are some of the things we can explore together:

> routines + habits 

> the emotional body

> gender + transition 
> sexuality + orientation
> art + creative practice

> pricing 

> supporter 250/h

> general 80/h

> qtbipoc 30/h




R O U T I N E S   +   H A B I T S

what are the habits and routines of your daily life?

which ones would you like to alter, create or leave behind?

i am currently working on a toolbox of practices that we can explore together, specially if you want to do something regularly by yourself. 


T H E   E M O T I O N A L   B O D Y

what relationship do you have with emotions?

which ones do you find easy to tolerate?

which ones are difficult to sit with?

what are the sensations that come with feelings/emotions?

how do they show up in the body?

how can we give them more space?


this work is based on the work by Raja Selvam

G E N D E R   +   T R A N S I T I O N

for people who are questioning their gender, who are gender non-conforming, or in social and/or medical transition.

how are you currently coping with dysphoria/triggers?

which of your inner parts would you like to unearth?

what are the thoughts + emotions you have about your gender?


what emerges in the moment when we explore any of the above?

this work can also be supportive before+after surgeries.



S E X U A L I T Y   +   O R I E N T A T I O N

who do you want to become, sexually?

what has shaped your sexuality so far? 

how do you want to communicate your desires? 

what does physical pleasure feel like?



A R T   +   C R E A T I V E   P R A C T I C E

what is it that makes you want to create? 

what art works have moved you in the past? 

what are your fears/creative blocks?

where would you like to be, creatively?

i welcome people who work in public realms (galleries, publishing, screens, etc.), as well as people working on stages in queer venues and in communities.

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