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 sexological bodywork 


intro: what is happening here? 

 how do i feel in my sexual body? 

 what does my body want? 

 where am i if i free my voice a little more? 

 do i dare to say 'no' to a partner? 

 when does my body say 'yes!!!'? 

 what is my relationships to porn + dating? 

 what are my authentic desires? 

 how do i feel better while bottoming? 

 where do i want to be with my sex life? 

methods: where can we go? 


 exploring general embodiment/mindfulness 


 how familiar are you with your nervous system? 

 when do you feel safe? 

 and when do you feel activated? 

 what are grounding practices that already hold you? 

 i can show you some of the tools 

 that i know 


practicalities: what else is good to know? 

 my role in this work is

- to support, empower, accompany + educate you in your process,

in a way that is in line with your intentions

- to help you create a space where you feel safe enough to feel more into your body,

where you can develop your ability to notice and trust what you are feeling

and where you can improve your abilities to communicate what you want and what you are noticing

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