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> somatic experiencing


in about one year i will finish my training in somatic experiencing (SE).

i hereby invite you to support me in growing my practice by taking sessions with me.

> what happens in a session?

my supervisor Sage Hayes recently described somatic experiencing beautifully:

“a lot of therapy approaches focus on the stories of our mind. somatic experiencing is more about letting our body tell the story”.

this means we work with the nervous system, movement, sensations, with spatial orientation.

since SE is designed to work with + through trauma, my role is also to hold space for you in a way that is safe enough for your body to experience wherever you want to go.


feel free to bring a topic you want to explore.

> availability

for sessions i offer online

via zoom (berlin time)

tuesdays 10am-4pm

wednesdays 10am-4pm


for sessions i offer in person

casa kuà

naunystrasse 72, 


10997 berlin

mondays 1pm-7pm

thursdays 9am-3pm


> direct booking for a session

> cost

a session generally costs 80eur. while i am still in training i ask for a donation of 20-50eur per session. some slots are also available for whatever you can give - please inquire about those sessions directly via email.

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