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somatic sex coaching

how do i feel in my sexual body?

what does my body want?

where am i if i free my voice a little more?

do i dare to say 'no' to a partner? 

do i dare to experiment until my body says 'yes!!!'?

what is my relationships to porn and dating apps? 

which of my desires are authentic?

what sexual imprints does my body carry?

how do i feel better while bottoming?

where do i want to be with my sex life?

sexological bodywork is a fairly new profession, founded by joseph kramer in the united states. we are trained to listen to your individual journey and will supply resources along that way. we can have conversations, go through different techniques involving breath work and meditation. we can explore your self plesure practices. we can talk and explore what consent means to you. it helps if you show up with a willingness to explore... this practice is more about tapping into the unknown, rather than chasing expectations. this practice is also about experiencing and feeling, rather than intellectualising with the mind.


touch can be included if the client feels comfortable, curious and safe. this can range from a belly massage to mapping of certain parts of the body, all the way to erotic genital touch. touch is always given by the bodyworker and never the other way round. we are here for you.


our own personal history is an important resource for our profession, making every sexological bodyworker very unique in their abilities to show support for their clients. 


my own journey is shaped by my own attempts to feel nourished and joyful in my queer body, while swimming in the oppressive social structures that surround me.

wherever you are coming from, if you feel comfortable about the idea of working with me, you are welcome! 

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