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 yoga nidra

yoga nidra is a relaxation technique where i lie down on my yoga matt and listen to a recording or someone reading their yoga nidra text. 

with this practice i can achieve very deep states of relaxation in short amounts of time, no matter how stressed i am beforehand. 

i have followed this practice for more than a year now and i could feel how it improved my sleeping over time, how it calmed me down in very stressful situations, how it gave me strength when i felt physically weak but needed a way of charging my batteries because i still had things to finish in my day, and especially, how my 'subconscious was cleansed' while putting only very little mental effort into it. 

i also found that this practice was a good starting point for other bodywork practices since it trains me in being more aware about how I feel (in) my body. 

below i have listed recordings that i have enjoyed so far. a thank you to all of the readers doing such amazing work and make it accessible for free. they speak in a matter of fact voice, have little music/sound in the background, occasional moments of silence and a clear intention to make me stay awake. the recordings vary in length, between 20 and 45 minutes.  

my checklist before the session:

  • am i warm enough? do i need a blanket to cover my body?

  • is it too light in the room? do i want to cover my eyes?

  • have i put my phone on flight mode to avoid being distracted?

  • if there are people around, do they know not to distract me?

  • do i want to place a cushion under my head or feet for more comfort?

  • do I have access to the recordings without ads/other tracks interfering?

general instructions for a session:

  • i lie down on the floor, on the yoga matt. if this is uncomfortable i lie down on my bed, but on the floor i am more likely to stay awake, and i am more receptive to feeling the weight of my body

  • i lie on my back, feet hip-width apart, turned out to the sides; my arms are on either side of my body with the palms facing up (if comfortable)

  • as i follow the voice, with my eyes closed, it is perfectly ok if i fall asleep since bodies have the ability to receive information without being fully conscious - but i try to stay awake

  • i try to not intellectualise or analyse the instructions, switch off my mind

  • i do not influence my breathing, but observe the breaths

  • i try to go into each sessions without expectations, i try to observe what is happening to/in my body



get in touch if you would like to have a session with me.

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