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group work


i currently apply Somatic Experiencing to group settings using a modality i call 'collective body building'.

this work aims to offer spaces that:
- allow group learning
- expand agency over collective nervous systems
- address collective stress and collective trauma 
- help align with where we are today
- prepare for what might lie ahead


Level 1/ the basics of somatics

              6 sessions, 6 participants:
              emotions, sensations, boundaries

              grounding, orienting, somatic routines 

Level 2/ spaces of emergence 

              6 sessions, 12 participants:
              collective stress, collective trauma

              tools, wishes and dreams

Level 3/ open space

              e.g. 6 sessions, 18 participants:
              content depending on the needs

              and wishes of each collective body

Merging this work with ongoing group processes is an option.

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