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G R O U P   W O R K


below you can find a list of workshops i have already given. if you are thinking of hiring me, we can check in with your wishes and needs to see which of the following workshops might suit best. custom-made workshops are an option.

find out more about the way i approach all of my workshops by checking out the text just underneath (group work in general')

f o u n d a t i o n s

> group work in general

> checking in: how are we doing?

> where are we? +what is that like?

> touch exploration + consent

> strategies for being well enough

a r t 

> embodied art practice

g e n d e r + s e x u a l i t y

> the space in + around the closet

> mapping gender euphoria

> giving thanks to our elders, siblings + ourselves

> location 

> Berlin

> Germany

+ zoom, online

> pricing 

> supporter 400/h

> general 150/h

> qtbipoc 60/h




group work in general

when we come together in a group we form a collective body and a collective nervous system. when i facilitate i apply my experiences of the individual body to the collective body. this could sound like the following:

what emerges when there is space to be in the here+now?

what do we need to orient ourselves in (social) space?

what emerges when our minds rest while our bodies speak?

the questions that move me personally are the following:

what does a somatic-consciousness-raising group look like?

what did Sylvia Rivera mean when she said

     'i believe in the gay power!'?

in groups, we can work with systemic oppression in ways that is more difficult to access in one-on-one sessions:

i believe this is this because we can give birth to each other by taking up space (speaking) and holding space (witnessing) for and amongst ourselves..

depending on the groups desires, we can work with groundings, non-sexual touch, movement, partner exercises and sharing circles to explore emotions, oppression+liberation and collective becoming.

checking in: how are we doing?


to be updated



where are we? +what is that like?


to be updated

embodied art practice


to be updated

touch exploration + consent


to be updated

strategies for being well enough


what are the practices we already developed to make sure we are mentally, physically, spiritually, etc, etc, well enough?

are there questions you would like to bring to the group? 

the space in + around the closet

what was/is it like to be in the closet? 

where did we go since then?

and where are we now? 

where do we want to be?

let's have a conversation while noticing what happens in our bodies as we gather.

mapping gender euphoria


let’s explore what gender euphoria means to us, while tracking where + how it shows up in our bodies as we talk about it: do we notice the tingling, flow, movement, etc?

doing this together in the group can be a cute orientation about how similar/different our bodies are: there is no right or wrong. 

i will hold space + offer groundings when appropriate.
as always, see how much + in what way you want to participate on the day.

giving thanks to our elders, siblings + ourselves

who was it that helped us remember ourselves?

who helped us be in our bodies today?


feel free to prepare something in whatever format: share a memory, a performance, a drawing, a photograph, a book, a song (can also be youtube, etc),

or just come along to listen + be there with us.

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